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AQUALYS, the first 3D fluorescence sensor for continuous water quality measurement

AQUALYS, the first 3D fluorescence sensor for continuous water quality measurement


The 3D fingerprints, acquired by a spectrometer after illumination by 8 UV LEDs, are analyzed by our algorithms (7 families of patents).

It is installed either via a pump or by means of a direct bypass on the ducts. A cleaner solenoid valve ensures that the cell remains clean whatever the load of the milieu.

AQUALYS is an ideal response to current and future issues. It can be used to:

  • Save washing water in factories: an average saving of 50% on rinse water was achieved during 2 months of testing in the dairy industry, in partnership with an equipment manufacturer. A simple indicator drawn directly from the spectral fingerprint can be used to quantify the precise moment when clean water returns.
  • Qualify the water intended for recycling in order to direct it towards the purification membranes (reverse osmosis) or the factory waste outlet. In particular, this helps to avoid clogging of the membranes. Identification and quantification of potential pollutants not retained on the membrane ensure that recycling remains healthy and safe.
  • Detect material losses through the identification and modelling of the products in solution or suspension in complex industrial waste. Alerts help to pinpoint the origin of any leaks.
  • Control and optimize the purification and potabilization processes by means of direct indicators and COD and TOC calibrations, so that output can be controlled and savings can be achieved on treatment products.
  • Monitor pollution of the water in the environment to anticipate corrective action: for example, continuously quantifying bacterial pollution in a river flowing out onto a beach.