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The company and the team

The company and the team 2022-03-17T16:17:08+00:00

Spectralys, a Chauvin Arnoux Group company, has been based in Asnières-sur-Seine on the banks of the Seine since early 2021.

Founded about ten years ago, the company develops applications of fluorescence technology coupled with infrared for quality control of agro-industry products and production processes. Its real-time measurements supersede the long, costly laboratory analyses needed formerly, enabling you to check each production batch for better product traceability and safety. 

At the end of 2018, Spectralys  joined the French Chauvin Arnoux Group. This industrial company specialized in measurement and handle the industrialization and production of the Spectralys analysers.

Our mission: Real-time measurement for action

Inès Birlouez-Aragon, the founder of Spectralys, provides the company’s general management.

Spectralys Innovation was set up to spotlight a ground-breaking technology based on the natural fluorescence of biological and food products, providing detailed, real-time information on the physical and chemical characteristics of the products and indicate the impact of environmental factors (technical itineraries and climate, biological and chemical contamination, physical and chemical modifications caused by the industrial processes, etc.).

This knowledge gained through measurement helps to correct and even anticipate quality problems.

Coupling optical technologies to expand the palette of measurements available

Today, fluorescence is coupled with infrared to offer a broader palette of measurements on a single instrument take advantage of synergy between the two types of information: greater sensitivity and specific focus, without significantly increasing the measurement time: under 2 minutes.

Coupling measurement with the historical data to anticipate quality problems and adapt quickly

Decision-making tools are being developed to exploit the information in the databases built using the routine measurements.

The learning algorithms reveal the relations between quality and environmental or process factors. In the specific context of the measurement, it is then possible to predict the quality.

In this way, the quality of the wheat at harvest is deduced from the climate data a few days before harvest. By adapting the logistics and commercial contracts, it is then possible to achieve a competitive edge.


7 international patents protect the know-how in terms of mathematical processes.

The team

The company comprises about twenty staff.

The multidisciplinary activity is shared across 4 teams working closely together:

  • R&D team playing a key role in instrument design, prototyping, industrialization and production: 1 doctor, 9 engineers and 1 technician.
  • Analytical R&D team for designing and developing analytical solutions: in particular, this involves building calibration models to replace the laboratory measurements with real-time fluorescence measurements: 3 doctors, 3 data scientists (engineers), 1 technician and 1 technical assistant.
  • Sales team responsible for understanding of the market requirements, prospection, sales and technical support, both before and after sale, in France and for export markets: 3 sales people and 1 technical support.
  • Back office: 1 financial and HR manager and 2 administrative staff.