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CEREALYS, le the first real-time analyser of cereals’ technological and nutritional quality.


For the first time, measure the Hagberg Falling Number and mycotoxin contamination of cereals in just 1 minute without prior preparation



This new “all-in-one” analyser can also be used to measure all the usual grain quality criteria (PS, %humidity and %protein):


The current methods take too long to allow quick quality control as soon as the farm trucks arrive.

For the first time, the Cerealys range makes it possible to:

  • pay farmers on the basis of their grain’s technological quality and safety,
  • allot the grains to different cells with homogeneous quality to meet the requirements of the different markets: milling industry, starch industry, animal feed.
  • Optimize the valuation of the grain by inter-bin transfers adapted to the volume requirements of these markets.

The Cerealys analyzer was developed with support from a set of partner co-operatives and a port facility and can now perform all the quality measurements on a single instrument, saving time and making it much more practical. In difficult years with sprout damage or contamination with mycotoxins, only this real-time measurement can save quality wheat as soon as it is received, thus improving profitability through better valuation of the grain. A decision making tool for forecasting quality 1 or 2 weeks before harvesting helps to prepare and adapt the logistics set-up for what will soon be reality.

The Cerealys models can also be used by millers to measure the rheological grain criteria (alveograph) in just 1 minute for exhaustive grain inspection at input.

Thanks to a capsule system, it is also possible to measure industrial flours according to the farinograph criteria, starch damage and ash.

With the Cerealys-2, the water content and protein content are measured at the same time.

Millers’ offals and flour mill streams can also be analyzed to optimize grinding efficiency.