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Spectralys active actor of the “Dream Eaux et Milieux” Competitiveness Cluster!

Spectralys active actor of the “Dream Eaux et Milieux” Competitiveness Cluster!


Spectralys, a Chauvin Arnoux Group company, is en active actor of the “Dream Eaux et Milieux” (water and environments) competitiveness cluster (France water team federation), which brings together the players in the Water sector.

With several important annual events (Water Recycling Day, annual members’ meeting, participation in the “Dream Café” meetings on the first Thursday of each month, etc.), the “Dream Eaux et Milieux” cluster enables Spectralys to position itself as an actor providing solutions for the water market with its Aqualys analyzer.

The DREAM competitiveness cluster offers manufacturers a "selector" of solutions for measuring water pollution: Spectralys with its 
Aqualys analyzer takes its place as the first 3D fluorescence device, thus offering unparalleled precision.

The Aqualys analyzer can be set up in the factory or station laboratory to measure the organic matter dissolved or in suspension in the water in less than one minute. In concrete terms, the analyzer measures the different indicators of organic pollution (COD, BOD5, TOC and DOC) in both clean and waste water, whatever their level of contamination. In particular, Aqualys is used in the dairy industry to quantify COD in waste water and STEP output.

Furthermore, Spectralys is developing the first in-line fluorescence analyzer capable of qualifying clean water in order to orient it towards the appropriate treatment before re-use, or to manage the addition of treatment products as closely as possible.

One of the DREAM Cluster‘s aims is to bring together solution providers like Spectralys and the actors seeking solutions to manage the treatments more efficiently