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AQUALYS, the first 3D fluorimeter for continuous water quality measurement

Measure water quality in just 1 minute without prior sample preparation

In just a few seconds, the compact, portable Aqualys spectrofluorimeter continuously measures the organic matter in natural and industrial water. The water’s chemical, physical and sensorial characteristics (cleanness, turbidity, potability, etc.) are scanned by our technology, which is 10 times more sensitive (detection threshold 0.1 ppb) and more specific than UV absorbance or reflectance. AQUALYS uses the spectral fingerprint to detect the bacterial load and decomposition products (wet matter), as well as chemical micropollutants.

The 3D fingerprints, acquired by a spectrometer after illumination by 8 UV LEDs, are analyzed by our algorithms (7 families of patents).

It is installed either via a pump or via a direct bypass on the ducts. A cleaning solenoid valve ensures that the cell is clean whatever the load of the medium.


AQUALYS meets all the major current and future challenges.

It can be used to:

  • Save on washing water in the factory: an average saving of 50% on rinsing water was achieved in tests over a 2-month period in partnership with an equipment manufacturer in the dairy industry. A simple indicator derived directly from the spectral fingerprint allows very precise quantification of the moment when the water becomes clean again.
  • Qualify the water intended for recycling with the aim of directing it towards the purification membranes (reverse osmosis) or the factory waste outlet. This helps in particular to avoid clogging of the membranes. Identification and quantification of potential pollutants not filtered out by the membrane ensure the health and safety of the recycling process.
  • Detect material losses by identifying and modeling the products dissolved or in suspension in complex industrial waste. Alerts helps to pinpoint the origin of these leaks.
  • Steer and optimize the purification and potabilization process by means of direct indicators and COD and TOC calibrations, so that the output can be controlled and savings can be achieved on treatment products.
  • Monitor the pollution of the water in the medium to anticipate corrective action: for example, continuously quantifying bacterial pollution of a river flowing out onto a beach.

The simplicity of AQUALYS’s implementation and the adaptability of its integrated software make it an essential solution for managing and saving water.