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Measure the quality of your products in real time, without preparation of the sample, for exhaustive assessment of your processes and products.

  • Input and output product testing
  • Support for controlling your processes
  • Guarantee of compliance with your customers’ specifications
  • Total traceability
  • Optimization your production lines’ efficiency and performance



  • Dairy products: nutritional and functional quality checking of products in process
  • Cereal products: testing and allotment across all the wheat and flour quality criteria.
  • Products cooked at high temperature (frying and roasting): checking of acrylamide levels to comply with the new regulations.


Watch the video of the conference presented by Inès Birlouez (Managing Director of Spectralys) IESIEL study day

Watch the video of the conference presented by Inès Birlouez (Managing Director of Spectralys) IESIEL study day. At this conference on November 30th at the Maison du Lait in Paris, Inès Birlouez presented the new AQUALYS analyzer which is ideal for continuous measurement of organic matter (DOT and COT) and the identification of material losses […]

(Français) See Aqualys from Spectralys at the IESIEL Workshop on November 30th, 2022

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Our analyzers

Measure your products’ technological, nutritional and health qualities in real time


an innovative analyser for real-time quality control on all products used in the dairy industry, from raw materials to intermediate and finished products.


the first analyser capable of measuring in 1 min the level of acrylamide in fried, roasted and high-temperature cooked products to ensure the products’ regulatory compliance and sanitary quality.


Measure the Hagberg Falling Number and mycotoxin contamination of cereals in just 1 minute without prior preparation


This new “all-in-one” analyser can also be used to measure all the usual grain quality criteria (PS, %humidity and %protein).

About us

Spectralys is based in the BIOCITECH business park, dedicated to innovation in the life sciences.

Founded about ten years ago, the company develops applications of fluorescence technology coupled with infrared for quality control of agro-industry products and production processes. Its real-time measurements supersede the long, costly laboratory analyses needed formerly, enabling you to check each production batch for better product traceability and safety.

At the end of 2018, Spectralys a joined the French Chauvin Arnoux Group. This industrial company specialized in measurement and handle the industrialization and production of the Spectralys analysers.