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AMALTHEYS, an innovative analyzer for real-time quality control on all products used in the dairy industry, from raw materials to intermediate and finished products.

The measurements used in production by our customers

  • Level of serum protein denaturation: proteins denatured on caseins for cheesemakers, serum denaturation level and WPNI for ingredient manufacturers
  • Peroxide value and free fatty acids for the whole sector
  • Stability of the emulsion, available lysine and vitamin C content for infant formulas

These measurements are performed on the product without preparation and are sometimes completed by a measurement on a soluble protein extract prepared with our kits in 3 min. Because the measurement is simple and quick, you can trace raw materials fluctuations throughout the day and the month, so that you can adapt the recipes or processes to ensure the stability and conformity of the finished products.

Our partners:

Actalia has validated the method regarding native serum protein and WPNI measurements.
KSU has validated our technique for determining the level of caseins in raw or slightly denatured milk by fluorescence