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Discovering our professions: Abdelhaq Acharid – Metrological Quality Manager Spectralys

Discovering our professions: Abdelhaq Acharid – Metrological Quality Manager Spectralys


How has your job changed since joining Spectralys?

Since I arrived in the company in 2008, my job has evolved. I began as a research supervisor for the development of analytical and modeling solutions before moving to a job as Project Coordinator for the “Analytical R&D team”. I am currently the Metrological Quality Manager.

My multi-faceted training in physics, chemistry, spectroscopy applied statistics and data science, give me a global view of our professions.

What are your main tasks?

I have to assess the metrological quality of our instruments in-house in the context of processes and certifications.

My tasks also include monitoring of the instruments, proposals for improvements and the implementation of quality processes for their application by the teams in charge of monitoring the instruments (technical support).

I organize internal and external training courses in good practice for data analysis and modeling.

Finally, I take part in development of the decision-making and automation tools, while also maintaining a technological and regulatory watch.

Which main teams do you work with?

I work closely with all the teams at Spectralys (sales, data scientists, software support and technical support).

I accompany our sales staff to help them explain our technology and its principles to our customers, either by video conference or during visits.

Lastly, I am in regular contact with the Quality Supervisor and the management of the Chauvin Arnoux Group’s R&D Department, so it’s genuine teamwork!

Your favorite quotation?

Not choosing is still a choice. (Jean-Paul Sartre)