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Everything points to 2024 being an “exceptional” year for Spectralys

Everything points to 2024 being an “exceptional” year for Spectralys


In the last few years, the fluorescence technology developed by Spectralys has demonstrated its advantages for many applications.

This year, Spectralys plans to continue its growth in continuous liquid measurements in industry and water purification thanks to the latest addition to its range, AQUALYS, which benefits from the latest upgrades developed from its teams’ expertise. Continuous COD measurement will be completed this year with qualification of the components of this load, thus helping to reduce material losses in industry.

Furthermore, Spectralys aims to consolidate the development of the solid and semi-solid applications proposed by FLUORALYS.

Backed by the CHAUVIN ARNOUX Group’s know-how and operational excellence, Spectralys’s ambition is to make 2024 and outstanding year for Spectralys!

The teams from SPECTRALYS will be present at the CFIA trade fair in Rennes from March 12th. Please don’t hesitate to come and meet us at Booth D41 – Hall 2