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TD Nantes 2018

TD Nantes 2018


Invivo Nantes, FrigorTec, Laboragro, Systelia, TechniGrain, and Spectralys Innovation are teaming up around an exceptional technical day to present the available and future industrial solutions that meet your cereal equipment needs.

We invite you on this occasion of this half-day in the silo of Nantes d’Invivo at 35, rue des Usines 44103 Nantes, January 23, 2018 to participate in this event.

Discover the program directly at the following address: and register early before 17 January 2018.

Program Participants

welcome: 13h30 – 14h

Half day opening: 14h – 14h30 Presented by , Mr Maisonneuve, Invivo Conference:

14h30 – 16h30

14h – Allotment on new criteria quality (Time of fall, Mycotoxins, …)

Presentation of real case of allotment based on measurements by fluorescence thanks to the device CEREALYS. Presented by,

Fabien Dubar, Spectralys Innovation

14:30 – Preservation of grain and savings on storage costs Presentation of operational solutions for technical support and training on grain conservation and more particularly on cooling ventilation.

Presented by, Maud Mathie, TechniGrain

15h – Refrigerated ventilation to avoid the use of storage insecticides. Sharing our experiences in France and Europe on an economical and safe method to preserve your crop – Preventive method that limits the use of storage insecticides.

Presented by, Eberhard Fröscher, FrigorTec

15h30 – Insect detection in 2 min Provide in 2 minutes an estimate of the infestation density (larvae and adults) in the stored grains, more than 8 weeks before the insect traps and more than 20 weeks before the sieve is possible: SYSTELIA Technologies offers its three versions of EWD equipment.

Presented by, Bernard Tomasini, Systelia

16h – Analytical Innovation in Cereals Laboragro develops analytical methods to contribute to analytical innovation with methods of chemical analysis, spectral methods, image processing and hyper imaging spectral. We will present the different ways in which Laboragro participates in this innovation to fully characterize your cereals.

Presented by, Marc Provot, Laboragro

Cloture: 4.30 pm1