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EUROSTAR project

EUROSTAR project


Spectralys Innovation is proud to announce its selection (14th out of 360 eligible projects) for a European project (EUROSTAR) : the development of an online analyzer for acrylamide in crisps.

Context: a new European regulation will affect producers of fried products: the systematic control of the contaminant « acrylamide ». This regulation, passed in July 2017, and will come into force in April 2018 and will impose a threshold that should not be exceeded.

The objective of the project:

The control of a contaminant requires imperatively its quantification. The amount of acrylamide content varies daily depending on the quality of the raw material and the frying process, a quantification day-by-day, directly in the factories, is therefore necessary. In addition, the knowledge of the result is the major lever that will allow to adjust the parameters of the production equipment and thus bring back to the legal level the acrylamide content of the final product. The quantification method currently used is complex and requires laboratory laboratory measurement (ELISA) or outsourcing by specialized laboratories. In all cases, the analysis results arrive too late and do not allow to adapt the manufacturing process.

SPECTRALYS already offers a real-time measurement solution in the factory laboratory to speed up decision-making: the Fluoralys analyzer measures acrylamide levels by fluorescence on crushed chips.