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A strategic position

Spectralys Innovation is installed on the Biocitech site, located outside Paris. This technology park dedicated to innovation in the sciences life for for example biotechnology companies, biopharmaceutical and fine chemicals. It provides an industrial environment of excellence, and numerous logistics services. The company is a member of several networks specializing in technological innovation, as OSEO Excellence, Scientipôle Initiative NetBiotech (with Biocitech companies) The company is exchanging with technical centers (Actalia, CTCPA, IFBM) with the French research (INRA) and European (Teagasc, UNINA, Wageningen University, NIZO, CSIC), in particular through European projects in which Spectralys participates or coordinates.

A framed development

The company is also a member of Valorial and Céréales Vallée clusters and the international network “Whey consortium”. It develops close collaborations with major players in the dairy sector, as Actalia, Enilbio, Bionov and also develops co-development projects in the field of cereals with technical centers (IFBM) and major groups (Invivo). Finally, public, private or semi-private organisms (BPI Scientipôle initiative CCIP93, aFrame, etc ..) support Spectralys Innovation in its commercial development in France and abroad.

A consortium created for the innovation

In order to provide manufacturers a relevant measure for their work, Spectralys Innovation had the habit to always work in co-development with key companies in each sector.

In order to develop its new product CEREALYS, Spectralys Innovation and a set of grain cooperatives grouped around an ambitious project. To obtain a suitable product 100% aligned with market requirements, a consortium has been created with the goal of developing a fluorescence analyzer providing a Hagberg falling number measurement within 1 min.

Benefiting from expertise and mastery acquired over the years on the market 5 companies and Spectralys work together to bring to market in a very short time an optimal product for the grain market.