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  • High sensitivity: 100 times more sensitive than infrared
  • Fast measurement (30 sec – 1 min) and non-destructive
  • Wide range of applications


Two patents protect Amaltheys technology. The first one was originally filed by AgroParisTech under the leadership of the inventor, Inès Birlouez, and was sold to Spectralys at the company’s creation for commercial exploitation. This is primarily related to the implementation principle of the FAST method to measure denaturation and heat degradation of food proteins. Another patent for the developments of its method was established in 2014 by Spectralys. Three patents protect, more generally, the signal treatment obtained by front-face mode that extracts all of the information contained in the fluorescence spectra to use for quantification purposes.

Fluorescence collects global or specific information on the physical and chemical state of the products, from the raw material to finished product, and at all stages of the manufacturing process. The light emission in the UV-visible light by the matrix after different wavelengths provides a very accurate and sensitive of the composition of the products. Indeed, many constituents of food are fluorescent (proteins, vitamins, pigments, contaminants) and are therefore capable of emitting a specific light after illumination.

Moreover, modification of the products by the process generates new fluorescent compounds (denatured proteins, Maillard products, acrylamide, oxidation of vitamins or lipid products) In order to best adapt this technology to our customers’ problems, we have chosen to build our own analysis solutions. Spectralys Innovation has this deep expertise in Food Sciences, Biochemistry, physical and chemical analysis and statistics (signal analysis and chemometrics) grouped in an R&D application to develop reliable and relevant methods. Furthermore, a team brings together optical, mechanical, electronic and IT skills, and develops prototypes which are then produced in routine by the production department. The innovative analytical solutions are designed to be usable by non-technical operators.


Spectralys Innovation développe et produit des instruments d’analyse qui améliorent la rentabilité, la qualité des produits et apporte une aide à la standardisation de la production de nos clients.

La fluorescence est une technologie ayant de nombreuses applications dans le domaine agro-alimentaire, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter afin de savoir directement si nous répondons à vos problématiques.


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