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What’s new for Fluoralys? A partnership with the startup Sterixene!

What’s new for Fluoralys? A partnership with the startup Sterixene!


An innovative analytical tool to serve innovative technologies!

Illumination by extremely powerful flashes of UV-visible light helps to decontaminate thin packaging and food products without degrading them, unlike heat treatments which cause chemical reactions and alter certain important properties of the products. Now we have to demonstrate it!

Thanks to the high sensitivity of measurements using fluorescence, the FLUORALYS analyzer offers a very simple way of measuring any impact on product quality caused by any treatment.

Partnership with STERIXENE

The FLUORALYS sensor has been used in partnership with STERIXENE, a startup developing new pulsed-light decontamination technology, to assess the effect of the flashes on product stability.

The application involved ground biscuits requiring decontamination before mixing with yoghourts.

STERIXENE flashed the product 1 to 6 times, and then repeated 1 flash, which was sufficient for decontamination after 2 months’ storage of the biscuits.

We note a linear loss of the stability index as the application with pulsed-light flashes advances. However, storage of the biscuit causes a much larger variation of the stability index than the application of 6 flashes. The impact of 1 flash remains identical on fresh and stored products.

TO SUM UP, the very high sensitivity of fluorescence makes it possible to view the impact of pulsed-light flashes even though that impact is negligible compared with the effect of storage.

Aging of the biscuit for 2 months has more impact on quality than the application of 6 flashes of pulsed light.

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