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Optimize your next harvest with Spectralys!

Optimize your next harvest with Spectralys!


The 2022 harvest will soon be upon us, with the trends pointing to an early harvest although this may still evolve depending on the weather in June.

Like every year, we are preparing to work with our customers to anticipate any problems involving pre-germination or mycotoxin contamination. We have fine-tuned our algorithms to adapt our calibrations as closely as possible on the basis of a small number of samples analyzed by the instruments right at the start of the harvest.

Indeed, we have to adjust our calibrations every year because the high sensitivity of fluorescence methods reveals the profound molecular changes linked to the year of harvest (impact of climate in particular).

In this way, we also support the millers, who have to re-adapt their grain blends every year in order to produce flour with standard characteristics which complies with their customers’ specifications. For them, we measure all the breadmaking criteria on the incoming grain with our Cerealys 1 & 2 analyzers in 1 minute, whereas it takes them 48 hrs to obtain the same result with the usual instruments.

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